Got To Know My Skin Better At Bellabox Event | Clarisonic | Goodbye Purple Hair



Ah yes, let’s go back in time for a teeny wee bit when my hair was still pink-purple then purple. Haha! So much backlog, I need to get it on!

The Bellabox event was held at Antoinette, at Penhas Road. I’ve only been to the one at Mandarin Gallery outlet; the Penhas Road one was larger and allowed more space for intricate furnishings and charming ornaments.


Tsk. Look at Evonne‘s thick juicy lips. iJelly.

I look like Jessica‘s maidservant in her very posh mansion. HAHAHA!


This was the most interesting and useful booth! The friendly lady from Nuxe, who has really beautiful skin, did a detailed skin analysis for every single person who asked for one.



This is my skin analysis results! OMG. Thanks to this machine, I finally know my skin type. And all its horrible connotations.

It’s a little hard to read, isn’t it? Let me type it out:

  • Sebum (U): Much (L)
  • Sebum (T): Much (H)
  • Moisture (U): 27. Little
  • Moisture (T): 27. Little
  • Pore: 6. Very Large
  • Wrinkle: 8. Thick (H)
  • Pigmentation: 2. A little severe
  • Elasticity:  5. Very low
  • Skin Type: Oily (lack of moisture)

So I have a lot of sebum on my… basically, EVERYWHERE. Lol. Coz I have it on both the U and T zones. And despite having oily skin, my skin has very little moisture which means it is extremely dehydrated. And I have VERY LARGE PORES, THICK WRINKLES, a little SEVERE PIGMENTATION (the ‘a little’ really doesn’t ease the annoyance), and INELASTIC SKIN which means I’m a lot closer to the day when I poke myself in the cheek and the dent stays there for like 1.5 minutes.



Bun Bun is TWO! + Huge Birthday Giveaway!


If there ever was a self-nominated award for ‘Worst Mother of the Century’, I would vote for myself 600 times a day and bag the title.

I was giving myself a pat on the back for planning in advance the second anniversary giveaway for Bun Bun Makeup Tips. The birthday month was May, and now’s only mid April. I thought of when to write the post, what about, and what to include in the giveaway.

(Read: Story of Bun Bun)

Just for reminiscence I searched for the first anniversary giveaways – Part 1, Part 2.

To my utter shock, it was dated March. MARRRRCHHH!!! HOI! Juli, what were you thinking? Not May, MARCH!

*slaps forehead

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal readers for staying with me from when I first started till where I am more comfortable in the blogging world now, and all my new readers for choosing to continue reading my blog. There are millions of blogs out there and to earn a pocket of your time on my blog makes me truly thankful. I really wouldn’t have had such an amazing journey if I didn’t have all of your love and support.

Without further ado, let me make up for this embarrassing boo-boo with the giveaway for the blog’s second anniversay. (I put in even MORE goodies after I realized my silly mistake. LOL!)

This giveaway will run for TWO WEEKS so you can share on Facebook as often as you like!

Total value = approx SGD 176.00 😀

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Basically I’ve got your whole face and body covered. Haha! There’s a cleanser, sunscreen, eyeshadows to choose from, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipgloss, body moisturizer, and The Brush Guard to protect your makeup brushes.

Here are more pictures! The Laura Gellar Eyeshadow looks absolutely gorgeous. ^_^


Note: Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow – Moonstone/Blue Heaven, Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar Cream (sample), and Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara (sample) are courtesy of The Brush Guard can be found at Doll To Doll Cosmetics.


  • Giveaway will end on 10 May 2013 at 12:01am EST
  • This contest is open to all users where legal (yes, wherever you are!)
  • 1 eligible winner will be randomly selected after contest closes
  • Results will be announced via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Winner has up to 48 hours to claim prize
  • If winner fails to claim within 48 hours, an alternative winner may be selected


  • You have up to NINE chances of winning if you participate in all the methods of entry above
  • The last method will give you 3 additional chances (remember to leave your post URL so that we can track)



Good luck!! ^_^*


My Acne Clearing Combo: Garnier Deep Pore Unclogging Wash, Daily Energising Gel Scrub, And Aqua Defense Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin


When people bellow in agony “Oooooh, I’ve got a breakout!!!” and I see just a microscopic pimple or two on their otherwise flawless face, I roll my eyes and scream into my pillow. @_@

If I weren’t a beauty blogger, I would never have gotten acquainted with Garnier skincare. Living with brothers using Garnier Men, I couldn’t get past the association of Garnier with skincare FOR MEN. Product placement at its best, really.

My first and previous encounter with the brand was the Garnier BB Eye Roll On Concealer purchased out of curiosity. It was not until Garnier Singapore invited me for an event organized for the launch of their new range of skincare products – the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Wash and Gel Scrub – that we got re-acquainted and oh my, what a life-turning experience it has been!


Awwww…!! I miss my long hair! The event was actually 5 months ago, in December 2012. Ah yes, I took special effort to ensure that I really like the products I’m gonna talk about, hence the huge delay. Don’t fancy first impressions on products that much, especially skincare.

Garnier Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Wash


First of all, I’m sorry but I really wouldn’t pick up a product that lacks in the packaging department unless I already know that it works wonders. I cannot put a finger as to what’s wrong with the packaging, maybe the radar image and rather clinical-looking design, but I would not find myself purchasing it because it just doesn’t catch my eye.

The fact that we are visually stimulated is undeniable and inescapable. We are instinctively attracted to beautiful things, moved by them. (Totally defending. LOL!)

So if not for the Garnier party, I would have missed out on the opportunity to find a cleanser that finally works for my skin! This range wasn’t even the subject of the party; I got it as a Christmas ‘gift exchange’ which Garnier already prepared for us. Haha!

Why The Garnier PureActive Deep Pore Unclogging Wash Works

I believe what brought great changes to my skin is the infusion of Salicylic Acid + HerbaSoothe concentrated formula in the Deep Pore Unclogging Wash, which claims to let you see ‘results from Day 1’. I’m quite happy to say that it is to a certain extent quite true.


Let’s Get Married Part 1: Petrified Of What’s To Be Done


Since I’d put up a post of The Proposal on my blog, I thought I might as well make the whole wedding planning process public. Blogging helps me think clearly, put my thoughts into words, keep all these memories vivid and most importantly, force me to start moving.

Ever since The Proposal on Christmas Eve 2011, nothing has happened. I mean, like,


Now that the excitement of finally getting the ring on my finger has settled, the impending wedding preparations loom over my head like a grey overcast on a sunny day. It’s like you know it’s a happy thing, that you’re doing it to celebrate the union of you and your partner (the sunny day), but the sheer amount of preparation required sort of makes it really scary (the grey overcast).

At times I wish there wasn’t a need to throw a wedding party. Too much trouble, too much effort, too much money, too much time. But most of the time, I look forward to my own wedding. My own wedding. MY OWN WEDDING. That sounds pretty fun.  =D

Through chronicling my wedding preparations, I hope to have friends and readers share what they went through before, share tips, give some advice, or just be there to walk with me through all these. It’s really scary, you know?

I’m 29 this year, but to do all these adult things like getting a house, planning for the wedding, planning for the future all make me sick in the stomach. Oh yes, I just bought an insurance plan that has a S$1 million payout should I die. See, suddenly death isn’t such morbid talk anymore.

It makes me want to up-heave myself and travel back in time when all I had to worry about was why my friend suddenly told me she will ‘un-friend me until after recess time’ in primary school. ‘Un-friend’ as in the literal meaning of the word, not like in Facebook, please. HAHA.

The reason why nothing’s been done from December 2012 till now (April 2013) was because ME-JULI-BUN-I haven’t been doing anything for the wedding. Because I have been in denial. Because I know once I start, the nightmare begins.

Oh gawd, excuse me for being so negative. I woke up after sleeping just three hours and couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Oddly, I started reading up on wedding stuff and got really disoriented with each additional article I read.

I guess we (all brides-to-be) cannot blame the groom-to-be for their lack of enthusiasm towards a wedding. To them, it is merely an event. To us though, it represents all of our childhood into womanhood – marrying the man we love, the perfect wedding gown, the fairytale wedding.


And then we grew up and BAM! Nobody told us it would be so troublesome!!!

In Part 1 of my ‘Let’s Get Married’ series will be a general idea of what’s been repeating itself, but only in my head. I hope getting all of that down by typing each letter of each word, of each phrase, of each sentence, of each paragraph, will culminate into a better understanding of my own wedding vision. I chose to use the words ‘my wedding vision’ because The Fiance told me he really doesn’t mind even if we do it at our void deck or community centre. Don’t know to laugh or cry.


Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows Review: As Eyeshadow Base, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner! (PLUS Plenty Of Eye Makeup Tips!)


Why it took me ages to finally try to the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows is beyond me. How could they be so awesome, yet stayed in my Doll To Doll Cosmetics inventory without me feeling the exploding urge to try them out despite ALL THE RAVING on the internet about them?

Seriously, when these babies came into the market, everyone from beauty professionals to girls with the slightest interest in makeup were talking about how these cream eyeshadows work like magic. Like they stayed on for hours, were creamy, blended gorgeously, extremely pigmented…….

Let me tell you. ALL THOSE ARE TRUE.

Staying true to my nature of being attracted to bright colors, I chose 4 of the brightest out of the 10 shades avaible – Tenacious Teal, Pomegranate Punk, Fierce & Tangy, and Edgy Emerald. And I love them all.

It’s like I have 4 kids and my love isn’t divided into quarters, rather, my ability to love is multipled four folds. HAHAHA! This analogy is weird. But you get what I mean, yea? 😀

Plenty Of Product In A Hard Glass Container

I love that you can quickly see the shade without having to open each of the pots, much like how my Z Palettes allow me to see at one glance all the eyeshadows I’ve depotted into them. On the cap though, it’s quite a challenge to find among all the white words against the black background the shade name (see first picture).

There is so much product in each pot I could use it for three lifetimes. 4g of product is too much, in my opinion.

My Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner contains 3g, Inglot Eyeliner Gel 5.5g, Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner 3g, Kate Gel Eyeliner 2.5g, and I have never hit near bottom for any of these.

The glass container (acrylic, maybe?) makes the whole thing heavy and I probably wouldn’t bring it for travel, and also because I can’t depot it without worrying that it might dry out faster than if it were left in its original glass environment.


Creamy, Blendable, Pigmented

What they say is true. It’s hard not to fall in love with these Maybelline Color Tattoos for their texture and pigmentation. Getting to the level of intensity you desire is a piece of cake too. Sometimes I’ll go with just one layer for a simple touch of color, sometimes I’ll build up to four, five layers to get a really concentrated coat.

Here are pictures, swatches and descriptions:



Celebrating Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash With 60’s Makeup And Purple Hair


Happy 6th birthday Nuffnang! I missed out on last year’s birthday bash as I became part of the Nuffnang family just right after the bash so I was extremely excited to be able to make it this time!


It came with a theme! Any party/gathering/outing that is tagged with a theme ups the game for me. I LOVE THEMED PARTIES! That’s why Halloween is my favorite festival! It’s one of the few times of the year where outrageous is legitimate and welcomed.

The theme was Retro 60’s. How fun! I’ve somehow never been part of a retro-themed party before – Shanghai checked, Uniform checked, Pyjamas checked, Color-coded checked… woah so many I can’t remember! Apart from the time where I totally went against the blue-white themed party at NuffnangX’s launch because I forgot there was a theme LOL, I’ve always put in effort to look the part for themed parties. 😀

I decided to have one focal point; the hair was the defining factor. 60’s hair was bold, poofy, wild, and girls loved to accessorize with ribbons and hairbands.


Where else to go get the best effect other than Salon Vim Bugis? This was how I looked prior to the hair teasing, pinning, spraying, styling. Why my cheeks so chubby?? ( O.O )


My usual hairstylist, Weng, was busy so he got Tar to do my hair. I showed Tar some pictures of the look I wanted and Tar did a fantastic job! She said “I like doing this kind of hairstyle because in Thailand the girls like to go out and party and they always go salon to do their hair”. Haha! Tar is from Thailand and it’s my fortune but everyone’s bummer that it was her last day! She left to go make babies. :)


No bumpits were used to create the bump. Just pure teasing and crimping and spraying and styling. Must’ve used up half a can of hairspray. =O