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Give Yourself Some Monthly Love With Beauty Samples From Vanity Trove!



Do you remember the little black bags of mystery sold at mama shops* when we were in primary school? After school, you’d make your way to the mama shop near your school or tuition centre (you would avoid the one near your house in case the auntie knows your mum and rat on you) and pay S$1 – $2 for a little bag filled with surprises.

*mama shops = small independent stalls that sell snacks, drinks, bread, mostly grab-and-go products, in a neighorhood estate

Ah, if your year of birth starts with a 2 you probably wouldn’t understand the simple joys of the pre-digital-everything era. TOO BAD. Bahahaha!

Sometimes I would get absolute nonsense in my mystery bag, I had Dragon Ball cards or unrecognizable character cards, plastic helicopter pieces that I had to build myself, or a random bell. Well, they were nonsense to me so I would bring them to school and trade with friends. We all knew the essence of ‘One man’s treasure is another man’s trash’ and practised the sacred act of barter trade from a young age.

Even then, there was/is something fascinating about a parcel that incites a bit of thrill and makes even the most mundane of odds and ends seem magical.


Of course, besides the pure exhilaration from opening my bag of mystery, there were many things that kept me going back as often as my puny pocket money could afford. I had toys, chocolate, doll clothes (imagine a boy getting this HAHAHA!), stickers, comb, hair clips… Ah, childhood. =)

While I have outgrown my mystery bag phase long ago, the memories of discovering the wonders of a mystery package remains.

What Vanity Trove has effectively done is hunt down a treasure trove of skincare and makeup goodies and other lifestyle products and send it to your doorstep at a great price.


With Vanity Trove you get to discover new products for priming and prepping without having to commit to buying a full-sized item onset. Each trove presents a good variety of products, from health to skincare to MAKEUP!!! Woohooo!!

Fresh New You – Jan 2013


No matter how long I’ve been (and will be!) a beauty blogger, I always derive pure gaiety from receiving makeup products. Imagine receiving a full-sized Essence Bronzing Powder in my January Vanity Trove! I like that it has various shades of bronze so that you get a more natural gradient of hues, and a small section of a highlighter which I can use for targeted highlighting. 


Inglot Black Gel Liner 77: Me No Likey At All


Did I get a crazy, alien version of the Inglot 77 Gel Liner?

Why is it that everywhere I go (online, obviously), I see praises and compliments thrown at this gel liner? With every positive review I see of this product, my face contorts into indistinguishable shapes of rebellion.

In my review on the colored Inglot Gel Liners, I mentioned how appalled I was to discover the huge disparity in consistency, smudgeproof finish and staying power between the black one and the rest of my colored ones.

Here are some positive pointers I gathered from other users of the Inglot 77 Gel Liner: (edited for language and length)

  • Has great pigmentation and perfect opaque black
  • Totally smudgeproof
  • Creates the most intense dark black matte line
  • Stays all day
  • “I use this to line my upper lid, tightline, and it even works/stays in my waterline. It is so soft and creamy – I only need to use the lightest touch of it in the pot to have enough on my eyeliner brush – too much and I expect it may smudge as some others seem to have experienced”
  • Extremely pigmented and velvety & applies like a dream. Stays looking brand new for my 12 hour day.
  • Sooo creamy
  • The blackest black
  • Beats MAC blacktrack fluidline without a question & its cheaper, doesn’t dry out or crack
  • “Has amazing lasting power on both upper lash line and waterline! The Inglot salesperson told me it may not be suitable for the waterline of contact lens wearers but its perfectly fine with me and my contacts”
  • The case is unbreakable (plasticky)

The ONLY statement I can agree with from the above is that of its plasticky case, which I also mentioned in the previous Inglot Gel Liners review, which makes it quite safe for travel.

As for the other statements – pfft! – like, wheerrrttttt???

Pigmented? Intense Black?!?

The Inglot 77 should supposedly be pigmented and the blackest of black, but because mine applies like dried paint, tugs at my poor lids and causes anxiety as to how much fine lines I’ve added with each stroke, I fail to understand what others mean when they described it as pigmented and intensely dark. Before I can even see any pigmentation, the crusty finish overwrites everything.


Just look at how dry it looks! I don’t encourage judging by appearance because many products have proven quite the opposite of the way they first looked. But this, this is Mr Crusty.


Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair In The Comfort Of Your Home: Hare Way Espil IPL Hair Removal Home Kit


Society loves a woman who has hair at all the right places.

The more the merrier here: Eyelashes, eyebrows, on the head
Must be hair-less here: Everywhere else

I said ‘society’ because if I were living on an uninhabited island, I wouldn’t give two hoots if my legs had hair long enough worthy of challenge against the Woolly Mammoth, or if my underarm hair grew till I had to french braid them so that they would not be mistaken by crustaceans as seaweed when I go fishing in the sea.

For the longest time I’ve been epilating, simply because it’s one level up from shaving. An epilator extracts the hair from the roots, thus leaving a smoother finish and longer lasting results. I need only epilate every 2-3 weeks. Epilation eliminates the risk of shaving your skin off too. I still vividly remember my first shaving experience – I tried it on a finger which had tiny hairs, and SHAVED THE SKIN OFF. I was like @_@!!! And yes, skin came off, blood flowed, went in shock, never shaved my fingers again.

I was immensely excited when Evelyn, Director of Hare Way, invited me for an IPL hair removal session at their cosy office. Firstly because I have never heard of a DIY IPL hair removal kit, and secondly because… actually the first reason was more than enough to keep me interested. Lol!

This was the machine used – Espil BSL-10 IPL Home Hair Removal System



Evelyn did it for me for the first round of shots, and I tried the remaining. A sudden surge of happiness dawned on me as I realized that I would be using less shots overall because I have shorter legs = smaller surface area. BAHAHAHA!!! The perks of being petite.


An Expensive Lesson Learnt: Be Careful When You Buy Electrical Appliances From The U.S. If You Are In Singapore


USD120 for a hair curling tong was, and still is, a great deal to me, but I thought of it as an investment, a good decision to replace my other hair irons that are of inferior quality. Never could I have imagined that I’d pay USD120 + necessary fees AND get nothing in return. Nothing tangible, at least.

Above the USD120 for the curling iron that was never meant to be, I paid USD30 for shipping from US to Singapore, and SGD 50+ for shipping from Singapore back to US. Not to mention the anguish and disappointment felt. @#$*&~!#@%^*!!

Before I break into my experience on this ordeal, let me just warn onset all my readers residing in countries other than the US that it is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from US. There is nothing discriminatory about this statement, just pure desire to save anyone the trouble, disappointment and waste of money and time that I went through.

Wait, scrap that. Let me rephrase: It is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from anywhere else than your own country.

The object of this matter would be the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron – 25MM (from, a hair curling tong I had decided on after doing extensive research, or so I thought. I did research on everything, brands available in the market, thickness of the barrel, quality, price… well, EXCEPT the most important thing – power compatibility.

In my excitement and haste to own a good hair curling tong, I was blinded by a deluded belief that ‘everything will be fine’. Sometimes I can be too optimistic for my own good. =|

After a good many weeks, the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron finally arrived in my anticipating hands.




Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap Review – So You Can Free Yourself Up To Do Other More Important Things


It’s not that I find deep cleaning my makeup brushes to rid them of built-up grime and bacteria unimportant – I cannot stress enough the importance of having clean brushes for a better application finish and prevention of dirty skin – but there’s just so much a busy-until-I-keep-snacking-because-I’m-so-freaking-stressed person can tolerate for standing at the sink scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing makeup brushes when I can be blogging or working on the business.

I don’t own as many brushes as a professional makeup artist, but have enough to make me sigh in resentment as I reluctantly lug my brushes to the sink, along with the Daiso Detergent, oil-based makeup remover, shampoo and conditioner. Troublesome, much?

The Daiso Detergent was what I was using previously to very effectively clean my brushes, so I was unconvinced I needed the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap, especially when it came with a hefty price tag of SGD21.00.

I could buy TEN bottles of the Daiso Detergent and still have a dollar left to buy 3 packets of tissue paper. Lol.

Evonne’s elation to find this Brush Cleaning Soap back in store when we attended Make Up Store’s launch of a new collection sent little trembles to my heart. She and the store manager were chatting away happily, about how this was in such huge demand.

OKIE!!! MUST BUY THEN! So finally, good money was traded in exchange for a bar of soap to appease my overwhelming curiosity.


Well, who said curiosity killed the cat?

I couldn’t be happier with this unassuming round-shaped soap. While it’s always easy to clean brushes used for powder products, brushes with denser bristles like my beloved Sigma F80, and/or those used for cream products require hardier treatment.

The Daiso Detergent did the job, but it took longer with all that swishing and washing with shampoo and conditioner after.

Experiment: Natural Hair Brushes

First up for experimentation – Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. << My review says it all; this is my ever-favorite foundation brush, really.