Ten Years In The Making – The Proposal


Other people call their beloved ‘dear’, ‘darling’, or other mushy terms. We call each other ‘mode’. There isn’t any real meaning to it, even the story behind the creation of this term is too lame to be worthy of mention. But just know that we call each other ‘mode’ coz you’ll see a lot of it in this post.

You know, I never have problems with writing beauty product reviews or makeup tutorials. I could go on and on and on, and more often than not, have to edit/shorten it for easier reading.  It’s only when it comes to sharing about my life that I often hit a wall. Why would people be interested to read about my life?! O.O

This time though, I am so glad that I have the Bun Bun Makeup Tips blog platform and all my beloved readers to share this blissful piece of news with.

First of all, a very Merry Christmas to you.

And then,





Can you believe it? The Bun got proposed to! *breaks into a happy dance

Omg, how do I start with the story? I’ve been sitting here for ages with memories of that night whooshing in and zipping out of my mind, while I smile dreamily at nothing, looking out of the window facing the orange sun sinking down on the horizon completely blocked by HDB flats. Hahaha, realistically bland end to sentence.

Okie. Ahem.

*feeling very excited by myself and keep having to backspace coz of typing errors*

This is our story.

We’ve been together for more than 10 years, since secondary school. *GASPS!*. I know right. Too long. So ancient until we can’t remember having an anniversary so every year passed just like any other.

Any woman who has been with a person she’s given her youth to for more than 10% of a century will want that person to marry her. Provided they love each other, of course. But The Boyfriend had been procrastinating for the loooooooongest time ever! In fact, we’d quarelled over this countless times before. Hints were no longer sufficient, instead I made it explicitly known I WANTED HIM TO MARRY ME. Pathetic. =(

I guess a lot of it had to be attributed to the fact that in recent years I’ve been receiving plenty of wedding invites and seeing couples who got hitched after only getting together for a short few years really got my blood boiling and heart aching.

Why did I have to wait for so long? How long more? Does he really love me at all?? :(

Unfortunately, or probably fortunately, The Boyfriend and I once again quarelled the day before – 23 December 2012. Wait, do I still call him The Boyfriend, or The Fiance? A person is considered to be engaged once a ring is put on the girl, right?

*cue Beyonce’s Single Ladies: “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it…”*


Bun Bun's Makeup Tip Trivia!: Did you know fiance (male) and fiancee (female) are both prounounced the same way? Sources offer different pronounciations, like fee-YAWN-say and ee-ahn-SAY, but whichever intonation you choose, use it for both fiance and fiancee. In French, adding an “e” changes the gender of the word, but in this case does not affect the pronunciation.


It wasn’t his intention to have us quarrel the day before, but it definitely helped in putting me on a total emotional rollercoaster ride. Going from a low to a high made the experience significantly more memorable.


Doll To Doll’s First Month Anniversary Giveaway

Heyyyyy!!! We all managed to survive the Mayan Apocalypse! The world survives predicted doomsday!! *double pumps fists into air

(Seriously, what did you do on predicted doomsday? The Boyfriend and I went to AMK Hub to shop for a bit, posted packages, had chicken chop for dinner, and I came home to watch TV. So very ordinary. Lol)

How else to celebrate continuation of the human race than have a giveaway?

HAHAHA! Okie, the real truth is that Doll To Doll is one month old and we’re celebrating it with you by hosting a giveaway! =)

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You stand to win the Sigma Synthetic Sigmax Duo (WORTH S$59.80!) containing Sigma Beauty’s two best-selling brushes – F82 and F84.

The Sigma F82 Round Kabuki is perfect for liquid and cream foundation and mineral powder application. The F84 Angled Kabuki can be used to apply cream and regular blush; this brush is also great for contouring and highlighting the face.


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I’m not trying to jinx ourselves, but honestly speaking, the business is still in its infancy therefore your chances of actually winning this contest is SUPER HIGH. Haha!

Good luck to you! ^_^*



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Not My Cup Of Cleansing Oil – DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review


We haven’t gone in-depth with my skincare practices, which, considering my own routine, should really be more frequently mentioned on Bun Bun Makeup Tips.

I’ll work on that, but in the meantime, it’s just much more fun doing reviews on skincare products that have a lot more to do with makeup. Like taking it off.

The other day I was going through this box of products that were either abandoned because they ceased working for me or were completely exhausted because they were so awesome. I shall make it a point to post on those products before the end of 2012. Heh.

I found in the abyss of the box the DHC Cleansing Oil and was sickened by the state of the remaining product.


Look at that dark brown stuff at the bottom of the bottle! EWWWW!!!! :S

What The Fuss?

Seeing the bottle again brought back unhappy memories we – the DHC Cleansing Oil and I – shared. Somehow, we never connected.

I was using the Fancl Cleansing Oil and after going through 4 – 5 bottles, I sought a change. The raving reviews of the popular DHC Deep Cleansing Oil finally got to me, and despite not being impressed when I tried it at the store and hesitating due to the hefty price of SGD40, I decided to bring it home.

And I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about.


Your Crowning Glory Deserves A Specially Concocted Cocktail Treatment Made Just For You

It took just one horrible salon experience to reduce my hair to the texture of dried twigs. It was shocking to see the amount of damage done by a previous salon to my crowning glory – everyone who saw my hair in person could not believe that the previous salon would allow anyone to walk out of their salon with hair in such a terrible condition.

I looked like a WALKING JOSS STICK. :(

I was devastated with the condition of my hair but ten minutes into having my hair analyzed and speaking to the stylists at Salon Vim, I knew my hair had hope. I knew restoring health and shine back to my hair wasn’t impossible anymore. I knew I was in good hands.

For my first visit at Salon Vim a month ago, I had the moisture treatment following an ombre hair job, a dark brown base with magenta highlights. Super pretty!

This time, I asked my stylist Ivan what hair color would make a person’s hair look healthier and he said dark colors would naturally provide that. So after some discussion we decided to have my hair darkened to a dark purple with red-purple highlights. No more ombre, but hidden highlights.

I love how my hair looks so multidimensional, with different degrees of purple and violet peeking out from curtains of maroon.

GORGEOUS, isn’t it!!! Takes real skill and technique to achieve this. Thank you, Ivan! 😀

The photos of me in the orange top were taken a week after the visit to Salon Vim and my hair was still SO SOFT and extremely manageable. No styling needed, no blow drying. All I had to do to get ready to go out was apply Mythic Oil and that’s it.

It was the magical cocktail treatment, I tell you.

What I loved about the cocktail treatment at Salon Vim was the fact that it was specially MADE FOR ME.


Tutorial: Does Using Heat To Revive Your Dried Up Gel Eyeliner Really Work?

We’ve heard it all.

Tricks of the Makeup Trade on how to make your gel eyeliner last longer:

  • Store your pot upside down
  • Keep it away from harsh lights
  • Cap it tightly after every use, no,  cap it after each dip. Meaning open – dip – close – apply – open – dip – close – apply – repeat
  • Use a clean brush
  • Don’t add water with the intention to moisten it

Do all of the above, and still have your gel liner dry up right before your very eyes, even before you hit half of the pot. And we’re talking about a gel liner pot that is used daily. You can probably slow down the aging process with these tricks, but not prevent totally gel liner from drying out.

You know it doesn’t behave quite the same as before anymore, not as buttery and soft, application takes more effort and you see dried flakes on the undereye area. At first you think they’re flakes from your mascara until one day you decided to go mascara-less and yet still end up with them ugly dark spots. Not even the kawaii kind of freckles. @[email protected]

I’ve gone through MAC Blacktrack, Kate gel liners, Maybelline gel liners, Coastal Scents gel giners, Inglot gel giners, Lioele gel liner and Bobbi Brown Black Ink. A good mix of high end, mid-range and drugstore brands there, and they all perished in the same way.

So no matter what class of branding your beloved gel liner belongs to nor does the universe care whether you perform the Tricks of the Trade with as much diligence as Monarch Butterflies migrating during fall, gel liners will eventually end up looking like dried mud.

Sad, I know, but true.

You can see how cakey and dry it appears when applied to the skin.


The One Foundation I Would Bring With Me Anywhere In The World: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Even though I now have my own online beauty store (, things are not going to change much. I still do use brands outside of those we carry, obviously, and will continue writing beauty product reviews that reflect my honest opinions.

And it’s about time – wayyyyyy past time, actually – that I do a detailed review on the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation before you all give up on me. Lol! You guys cannot imagine how many emails I’ve received asking when is this review gonna be up. Thank you for your patience! 😀

So ever since I started using the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, I feel like going back to my reviews on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation and downgrade their ratings.

Not that they’re lousy, they were good in their own ways but had some elements I didn’t fancy so much – Healthy Mix in shade 52 was a good shade match but its oil control abilities didn’t quite make the mark; Flower Perfection had a nice matte finish and lovely fragrance but shade 53 was too light. I wrote them when I was using them and penned my honest opinions. That was way before the Perfect Foundation (literally) came to our shores.

I guess it’s not fair to go back and change their ratings now that the 123 Perfect Foundation has come along. We must always seek improvement, not dwell in the past! 😀

Easy To Blend; Dries Matte Not Flat

The Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation is a medium-thick liquid that dries as a powder with a matte finish which I prefer. The slight powdery finish feels light on the skin, and does not look cakey or unnatural even when layered on. Two layers is the maximum I go, but one would usually suffice. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives a second skin sensation so that it feels light and comfortable to wear throughout the day. (Why does this sound just right for a sanitary pad advertisement?! BAHAHAHA!)

This natural-looking foundation also exhibits less tendency to oxidize on my skin. Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation in shade 52 is just right for me (MAC NC20-25). I still wonder why the Bourjois Flower Perfection in shade 52 was so off the mark.

It became quite the perfect foundation for my Halloween costume this year though (more to come!).

With SPF 10. Shade 52 is also known as Vanilla.

This foundation would, however, not sit well for those with drier skin as it does not give the dewy look that people with dry skin often look for. For people with oily skin, or even normal-combination skin in Singapore (because of our hot and humid weather), THIS IS DOPE.