Wow! Resorts World Genting, There’s More To You Than I Ever Knew!

*applause applause*

“And in this round, we have Juli’s team, up against their rivals for the championship of the Pyramid Game! Juli, you have to guess the answer based on descriptions given to you by your team mate. Remember to take note of some word exclusions. In order to win, you need to get ALL answers correct. Your 30 seconds starts…. NOW!”


Partner: CASINO!!
Me: Genting!!!


“I’m sorry, ‘Genting’ is correct but you mentioned a word in the clue and that’s a disqualification. And that means… Team X is the champion for Season 2 of the Pyramid Game!”


Me: Aiya, why did you say ‘Casino’?
Partner: Too nervous! I saw the word ‘Genting’ and that came to mind right away.
Me: Okie, never mind. I’m going on a trip up Genting with Nuffnang. I’ll tell you more about Genting when I come back! ^_^*

HAHAHA! Total imaginary game show cooked up in my happy little world.

But that would be how things could have been played out based on my prior knowledge of Genting. To many of us, the first word that comes to mind when ‘Genting’ is mentioned is ‘casino’. While that association is undeniably well-established, I now know that there is more to Genting than I had previously knew – EXPERIENCE LEVEL UP! – courtesy of Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang who made this trip possible for us.

Yes, SPONSORED TRIP. 😀 Woohoo!!!

Check out my poster face here.

Contest held by Nuffnang to win this free trip!

Add to the fact that 4 bloggers and 4 evangelists from Nuffnang came together to film ReelityTV Season 2, this experience was a truly unforgettable one for me!

I can only tell you <- so much -> what the activities were; you’ve got to wait for the episodes to be broadcasted! MUST WATCH OKIE!! Seriously, filming was so so so so so much fun!!! I’m a total newbie when it comes to filming as I don’t even do YouTube videos so I don’t know how I’ll look when the episodes are aired.

Pray I don’t look fat, sound funny, or have zero stage presence. I tried to channel my inner Running Man passion – you know, like they always stand in a line during the opening of each episode and joke around – and…… you’ll see. HAHAHA!

Day 1

Being connected to cyberspace is of paramount importance to bloggers. Lol. And check out our phones! All the iPhones are in white! Great minds think alike and that makes eight of us.

The day ended with dinner at Genting Palace.


Top 10 Beauty Products Found At (For Now!)

Have you done some shopping already? LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU if you have! 😀

Join Us On Facebook! Planning to host a giveaway once we reach a magic number! So please share on facebook and retweet okie? ^_^*



If you just arrived at the blog and are overwhelmed by the makeup tutorials, product reviews and the sudden announcement of my online store, I have another pieces of news for you:


5% storewide opening discount!

Until 25 November only, so HURRY!



As promised, here are the Top 10 beauty products I highly recommend (in no particular order). I have used them myself, have raved about them and if you follow me on my posts and updates, you’ll know that I really do use them very often.

These Top 10 beauty products are also what many of you have asked about, we listened and tried our best-est to make available in the store! This list is defined mainly by you, with some of my newly discovered Holy Grail items that I have yet to share my thoughts in a detailed review post. I put the ‘for now!’ in the cover picture coz one day you all will redefine this list, I’m sure!



Finally, The Launch Of!

WOOHOOO!!! I am over the moon now as I sit here, sharing my labor of love with you.

Finally, finally, finally, after months of preparation, plenty of hardwork, sleepless nights, and indescribable stress levels, my online beauty boutique is up up up!

Even though I have brazenly inserted the name of the store in the title of this post, I’m gonna still shout with all the air in my lungs:


(*waves hands madly in the air*)


Can you hear me? Can you hear me screeeeaaaammm, with all the love in my heart, that the idea of a store I mysteriously mentioned some months ago has solidified? My dream has finally seen the light of day, presented in the best way my fabulous team and I could manage, with as many brands and products we know you’ll love.

Wanna know how the name came about?

Well, at the start, we came up with some really ridiculous names like makeupdownleftrightcenter, wakeupyourmakeup, dollfromtheskyandsea, pana-doll, doll-mino, and even inapplicable ones such as fivesixseven. HAHAHA!!!

NOOO!!! I wanted a name that would evoke an image, tell a story, or have some meaning or association to makeup and beauty.

Then I thought…… *moment of enlightenment*

I’m a girl, I’m selling makeup to girls, the name should ride along this line.

And just like that, Doll To Doll came to mind. I ran it through friends and this was the name that garnered the highest votes! So it’s me (a doll [us, actually. but, anyways]) sharing beautiful and fun makeup with my girl friends (all you dolls)!

(Girl To Girl would seem like a shop selling kids clothing and wouldn’t sound half as cute. Heh heh!)

That was in June, and five months on, is live.

Today is 20 November 2012 – 20112012. NICE RIGHT!!! I initially wanted 211112 but my parents said 20112012 is a way more auspicious date for store opening after seeking the Chinese calendar. 20112012 looks very good too!

Just so you know, today is a good date for big events such as store openings, weddings, traveling, moving house, building house – basically anything big, new and exciting in your life!


Doll To Doll would never have materialized without Bun Bun Makeup Tips, and what’s the blog without you, my cherished readers?

If not for your unwavering support and inspiring words of encouragement (on the blog and facebook) to chase my dream of setting up shop, I would never have had the relentless courage and strength to keep going.

In the next post that’s coming up in a short while, I will introduce the Top 10 products highly sought after by many readers and for which I always receive questions on where to buy, how to buy, how to ship from/to Singapore, etc.

Now I can proudly tell you: has it all! *pumps fist into air LOL


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If you like to shop for makeup online, you’ll know our prices are very competitive. Some items are going below market rate by up to 40%!


To thank you for all that you’ve done for Doll To Doll thus far, we are having a


All readers of Bun Bun Makeup Tips are entitled to a 5% off your order.


Okie, even if you’re not a reader you also can have the 5%. But I’m sure you’ll be a reader from now on — I’m addictive. HAHAHA! So confident! XD

Simply enter coupon code during checkout: LAUNCHDOLLTODOLL


OKIE!!! Now go get your goodies! Best time to get Christmas presents for yourself and friends too!! (The Boyfriend said he will buy something for me from my store LOL)

I’m so HAPPY we’ve finally launched and thank you for feeling happy for me too!! LOVE LOVE!! 😀

Check back for the Top 10 products post in a while okie? ^_^*



Juli, Bun Bun, and Team Doll To Doll


Please let us know what you think of the website, any suggestions, anything you like/dislike, want more of, etc! You can either write in to [email protected] or leave your comments below. Thank you!

 Visit now!


Update: Check out the Top 10 products from!



The Best TLC For My Hair Experienced At Salon Vim

I have long and thick hair, the envy of many, which I love very much too. But my crowning glory was previously intoxicated with a terrible concoction of chemicals and drowned with processes I’m surprised the strands haven’t given up on me and torched themselves up like dry forests. My hair went from dry to utterly damaged within a month.

Every time I scrunched the ends of my hair together, I felt like I was holding a bunch of wire. Or shredded squid.

(Smile for what! Your hair looks like cotton candy, and NOT in a pretty way! >.<“)

OMG. I think real dried shredded squid looks even healthier than my hair!

Salon Vim came into my life like a beacon of hope and resurrected my hair.

Gary, Stephanie and Ivan analyzed the state of my hair and discussed ways to give life to my dead hair. I’m so thankful I managed to catch Gary in time before he left for an appointment for he gave me a haircut that not only reshaped my hair but also removed the damaged ends, yet at the same time allowed me to retain length.

He initially asked me which length should my hair  be in order to get rid of all the fried ends. I looked at my hair and pointed to my ear. LOL.

After receiving the masterpiece of a haircut, Gary left me in Ivan’s care. Ivan explained to me in detail how he would be coloring my hair and gave me an idea of the eventual look. I like that he was really meticulous in putting together the two colors for me, making sure to find those that would make my hair appear healthier, given the current condition of my hair. The colors would also suit my skintone and brighten up my complexion. So much science into finding the right colors!

Ivan putting much thought into finding the right colors for me


Fun In Phuket! Days 4 And 5

Welcome back and thank you for being interested in the second part of my Phuket trip. Heh heh! If you are new to the blog or missed the previous post, here’s Phuket Trip Part 1!

Where did we stop? Oh yes – very abruptly – with a picture of the waters surrounding Phi Phi Island.

Our post-lunch exercise:

My hair craves attention more than I do. Always stealing the thunder! LOL! (Read: My hair has a soul of its own)

Super cool picture! The positions were all kinda planned though. I believe this would make an excellent photo for school oral examination where students have to describe what they see.

“This is a beach setting. In the foreground are three ladies posing for the camera. Judging from their sunglasses and attire, it seems to be a sunny day, with blue skies and a light breeze. Right behind them is a man who apparently can jump very high. His pose and expression suggest that he is photobombing. A few steps behind them all is another passerby who is taking in everything and seems to be amused at the sight.”



Fun In Phuket! Days 1-3

The last time I came to Phuket was with The Boyfriend, about a decade ago. It was great coming back again, with a bunch of friends who truly care about one another and friends who actually stayed in Phuket to know the place well enough.

We planned for it to be a budget trip, with our tickets bought way ahead of time and sharing 20kg of check-in luggage among all EIGHT of us.

My toiletries weighed and took up as much space as Honey’s entire luggage. How does a girl travel with such a tiny backpack? HOW???!!!

Out of the 18.4kg, I think I must have chalked up umm… 14kg? I shall explain why in a while. Don’t judge me yet! >.<

That’s all 8 of us! From the left: BFF, Honey, WS, CY, The Bun, Siew, Andrew, and PY. You’ll get the names as we go along. Heh.

Flying budget’s not too bad, especially for short haul flights.