The Month of July: What It Means To Be A 28-Year-Old Juli

(May I add that my skin looks kinda fabulous in the photo? Thanks, Sun!)

Come July every year, every day of the month is a special one, intentional or not. It just happens that fabulous things always happen in the month of July.

It was a little unnerving when I typed the title. What!? I’m TWENTY EIGHT!? The ‘old’ word put beside my name didn’t help one bit. ‘Old Juli’. LOL.

Happy birthday to me, for the 28th time! 😀

I left it till the last day of July 2012 to write this post, just in case something bombastically fantastic happens haha. Well, nothing out of this world is happening to me right now as I type this sentence, I’m just smiling in knowing that I’ve lived a great life so far. Be contented and grateful for what you have, and you’ll always be happy! =D

So what does being 28 in July 2012 mean?

July 2012 = BBMT Is > 1 Year Old!

If I’d known blogging would be this fun and fantastic, I’d have started years ago!

But then I always believe that everything happens for a reason, at the time it’s supposed to happen.

Years ago I’d never thought I could blog for such an international audience, never even thought anyone other than myself and some close friends who read my personal blog would want to read what I have to say.

Years ago I never thought I would have the courage to put my face out there and share with people my love for makeup and experience with products. I also never thought I could actually teach people how to apply makeup! It’s extremely gratifying when readers tell me how much they have learnt from my tutorials and it makes me want to continue making even more fabulous makeup tutorials.

You know, at the beginning, I even thought of making Bun Bun Makeup Tips a ‘faceless’ blog, meaning I’ll never show my face. I was so afraid of incurring negative comments I see bloggers receive (eg. ‘you are so ugly’, ‘you should never show your face’, ‘I hate you’) I thought I could never have the courage to stomach it.

I decided to show my face after all, and as I got more comfortable showing my face, I learnt which are my best angles, best lighting to photograph in, best way to show a product or make a tutorial.

Naturally, when people see that you’re doing well, they just wanna put you down. I’ve had my fair share of those, not too many fortunately, but enough to share my experience and help those who might be thinking how to deal with negative reader comments.

I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to all my readers who have made my blogging journey one that is filled with so much love and bonding.

I believe it is my passion in what I do and commitment to putting quality content on my blog that caught Nuffnang’s attention and then made me one of their Talent Bloggers.

July 2012 = Backstage @ NDP NE Show

One of the greatest things that happened to me after being with Nuffnang was the opportunity to be one of the 10 bloggers chosen to participate in National Day Parade 2012. The NDP team sought to involve social media participation on a higher scale this year and it’s a great honor to be part of it!

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’d have seen the photos of my backstage pass and the happenings when I went backstage last Saturday. Post coming up! 😀

July 2012 = My First Involvement In A Flashmob

Everybody knows what’s a flashmob right? It is, simply, a group of people (who act like passersby initially) suddenly breaking out in dance on the street (usually a very busy one), usually for a cause.

The cause could be anything, ranging from light-hearted ones like ‘just wanna bring some stress relief to you stressed up professionals’ to very meaningful ones, like ours that carried an Anti-Drug Abuse message.


For Asian Hooded Lids: Vertical Gradient Method Of Eyeshadow Application

You know that’s not my eye. LOL.

A warm welcome to Min, guest eye for today! Wheeeeee wheet!!!

Every time Min and I meet up, she will scream at me “WHERE’S MY EYE! WHERE’S MY EYE!”. HAHA. These pictures were taken a good 9 months ago but I’ve always been busy with other projects or just something else.

Finally I can say, NAH! HERE’S YOUR EYE!!! 😀

Min was so nice to allow me to use her eye for this tutorial. We did this on a Sunday morning at her house, rather hurriedly, so don’t slam me for the unplucked eyebrows!

Blame Min. HAHA! Kidding! We’re always making fun of one another. Whenever we’re together, we’re like two little childish people. ‘Little’ because we are of almost the same height (I’m probably taller by like 1.5cm haha). EH! You also cannot be air stewardess! HAHAHA! 😆

Min’s my really good friend and she played a big part in the initial stages of designing the Bun Bun Makeup Tips website. She helped design my name card too!

I mentioned in the Vertical Gradient Method of Eyeshadow Application tutorial, as part of the Asian Eyeshadow Tutorials series, that this method works extremely well on hooded lids and monolids.

Let’s analyze Min’s eyes before we start.


Beauty Tip: How To Make Your Makeup Powder Products Perform Like Brand New

Have you ever wondered why some of your powder products suddenly stop working like before? Like somehow your brush picks up less product from the same pan, somehow it doesn’t glide on as smoothly on the lids, somehow the color is not as pigmented, somehow it doesn’t last as long as before?

MAC Shroom eyeshadow was the one that got me thinking.

Shroom is described as a ‘soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer’ and is well-loved for its soft and subtle neutral beige color. I love it as a brow bone highlight as it’s not overbearing like some highlight shades that are either too glittery or too pale.

For example, Virgin from Urban Decay is a little too pale and leans slightly pink, not too good for my yellow undertone. Shimma Shimma from Makeup Geek is gorgeous but can be a little too shimmery for a very simple, day-time kind of look.


Beauty With Heart: The Body Shop Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Review And Swatches (No Pink Cows Involved!)

“WOAH, PINK COW!” was what immediately came to mind when I first saw the Limited Edition, Lily Cole makeup collection from The Body Shop.

I’m not that kind of beauty blogger who dives into the sciences of products; I don’t squint at ingredient lists, I don’t dig up researches and lab tests done on ingredients and tell you how good or bad it is for your skin, I don’t really bother what goes inside that bottle of goodness (or evil).

The kind of beauty blogger I am, is simply, the kind who tells you whether it works or doesn’t, it looks pretty or pretty much sucks, it stays or vanishes before you even have had time to take your first toilet break of the day. That kind, I am.

I am also a superficial sucker for packaging (you are too, don’t deny HAHAHA!), so when I saw the pink and black prints, and ribbons, and pink stuff and more pink stuff everywhere, my mood lifted!

Not that I was down, but pink is the symbol for universal love, beauty, kindness, compassion. Lovers of beauty favor pink. That’s why Bun Bun Makeup Tips banner is pink. Lol. (I hope it still has some pink in it if you’re reading this in year 2027.)

And that’s why I smiled when I saw the new cruelty-free makeup range from The Body Shop!

And coz pink cows are cute.

Now that they have caught your and my attention, let’s get down to beauty beyond box and stickers.

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance Highlighter

The first item that reached out and grabbed me by the neck and screamed ‘You will love me! Look at how pink and fluffy and girly I am!’ was the Puff On Radiance.


Makeup Tutorial: Golden Green, Lavender, Bronze And Life Of A Bun!

Here’s the makeup tutorial I promised! I wore this for the first NDP 2012 media event I attended with the bloggers, and it received plenty of compliments! It’s not dramatic or OTT, in fact, it’s very wearable and I would categorize it under a daily look. It’s also not too difficult to create. Try it! :)

Have you read my second post for NDP 2012? You can see my 16-year-old face. LOL.


Eyeshadow Primer – UDPP Eden

Eyelid – Makeup Geek Shimmermint (inner 2/3); Makeup Geek Unicorn (outer 1/3)

Inner Corner – Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma

Contour Area – Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear. I really love Cocoa Bear. The warm brown really blends nicely into my skintone.

Outer V – None

Brow Bone Highlight – Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma

Lower Lash Line – Urban Decay Smog

Eyeliner – L’Oreal Color Infallible Emerald Lame; Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner Black Ink. I applied Emerald Lame first, then Black Ink over it so that a little Emerald Lame peeks out above Black Ink, for a more dimensional feel. Love this effect.

Eyelash Primer – Dior Diorshow Maximizer

Mascara – L’Oreal Collagene Mascara