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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

You know, the thing with travel makeup bags is that most of what’s inside are fixed costs, or rather, weight.

You need only a few pumps of foundation to last you a week, few swipes of blush, mere millimeters from eyeliner pencils, 0.5% of mascara, and extremely light dabs of lipstick that make almost no difference in height.

Foundation may be transferred into a little makeshift jar, if you insist, but that would quickly deteriorate the quality of the product, and who would take apart a blush or break into half a pencil? Mascara is impossible to modify for travel. Lol. It also makes no sense to transfer lipstick into a separate palette unless you’re bringing a lot of colors, in which case immediately translates into ‘bringing more than necessary’. We probably really only need 3 shades, unless you’re a MUA.

So for the most part, the amount of makeup we bring for a 4-day or 4-week trip is the same. Agree? I know you do! 😀

Let’s look at what I brought for my 5D4N Okinawa Trip 2012.

1. Makeup bag: I got this from Diesel at KL Premium Outlet. It cost RM120, I think. It’s expensive, but the quality is really good! Waterproof, sturdy, yet light. And the little birdcages print is so cute! This pouch is actually detached from the hanging toiletry bag with 2 more compartments.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette: Every girl’s must-have in their travel makeup bag, seriously! I brought Naked on my 7-day Taiwan trip too. Other palettes with neutrals will do, but I rely on Naked the most. The neutral shades I use most are Virgin, Naked, Buck, Darkhorse. I used Virgin and Sin a lot more before MUG Shimma Shimma came into the picture.

3. Z Palette with 23 eyeshadows: What?! Need so many for what?! I didn’t know there’re 23 eyeshadows in my Z Palette until I just counted. Lol. I usually have my most used or newest (to try out) eyeshadows in the Z Palette for easy access. I’m going to get the smaller, squared Z Palette so that I can force myself to bring half of these next time I travel. In here are eyeshadows from MAC, Makeup Geek, NYX, Sugarpill, L’Oreal, Kat Von D.

4. MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer: I LOVE See Sheer! It’s a pretty, coral, that brightens up my skin instantly.

5. Revlon Colorburst in Blush: Hmmmm I find this so-so only. It tends to slide off easily.

6. MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC25: I didn’t use this but brought it along in case I don’t have time to stipple liquid foundation on in the morning. Luckily I managed time for my Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation every morning!

7. MAC Blot Powder Light: One of my daily essentials! Used to set makeup and control oil, in a way. I’ve panned out my MAC Blot Powder Pressed!

8. MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic: I have thrown away/put aside all other highlighters ever since I got MAC Beauty Powder in Too Chic. Looks exceptionally stunning yet natural on yellow-toned skin. It makes me look like I have cheekbones! :O


I’m Involved In Singapore NDP 2012!

What a great honor to be part of this year’s Singapore National Day Parade! And representing Bun Bun Makeup Tips at that! High fives with Bun Bun *clap!

When I was young(er), I used to watch in envy the National Day Parade performers strut their stuff on stage to showcase what they had been toiling under the sun and rain for for the past few months, dressed in outrageous costumes of rainbow colors, painted in glittery makeup, carrying huge smiles on their faces. Smiles that shone through the cameras and screens to convey feelings of excitement, accomplishment and pride.

While I never got the wonderful opportunity to perform at this annual special event, I did get to be part of the live audience at the Singapore National Stadium, which is currently under reconstruction. Those were the days when you had to actually queue for the precious tickets.

People queued overnight in pitched tents, brought their guitars and pocket radios to entertain themselves, brought food and card games to keep their mouths and minds occupied; the air was filled with great excitement as morning drew near when the gates would open to give out tickets. I didn’t queue; I heard all these from my admirers friends who gave me tickets. Heh heh.

Anyway, those were the days when the tickets were really precious, I would think more precious than those today as people can now ballot for them online or at AXS machines.

I don’t know why I didn’t get to attend the NDP parade preview when I was in Primary 5 as part of the National Education Show. Maybe my second primary school wasn’t that popular. I had three primary schools – confusing childhood HAHA. But I’m contented that I did get to attend several parades later on in life.

Ever since the celebrations moved to the Marina Floating Platform and the acquiring of tickets went beyond physical locations, I lost my chance of being a live audience.

So when my Nuffnang agent, Gabby, asked if I would like to be a part of this year’s NDP I was like ‘OF COURSE!’. I prefer to refer to Gabby as my ‘agent’ instead of manager as the former sounds more sexy, like some secret agent swiftly sprinting around in a black tightfit costume. Like Catwoman. Lol.

First Meeting At The Wine Company

And it’s fast forward to the very first meeting with this year’s NDP Chairman and executive committee! It was held at the cozy, albeit a little humid, The Wine Company at Changi Village Hotel. The Porta Rossa Moscato d’Asti Frizzante NV DOCG was heavenly! I usually don’t like wine or champagne, not even sparkling wine, but this Moscato I had three refills! Must order this when I go back some day. :)

So romantic

I liked that the mood was relaxed and the lovely ambiance helped alleviate my nervousness (the moscato probably made me feel very happy :D). Mind you, I was sitting beside Chairman EXCO Colonel Desmond Tan okie. But everyone was so friendly and I felt at ease after a while.

It’s awesome that the NDP committee this year is embracing social media at such a scale; it’s the first time bloggers are involved and so many other interesting engagement activities are created to hype up the days towards 9 August 2012.

We talked about our experiences with NDP and I shared what you read above. We also talked roughly about which part of NDP would we, as bloggers, want to be involved in.

Wore an oh-so-popular-these-days-but-going-to-die-down-soon high-low skirt

Nuffnang is still in talks with the NDP committee and they’ll let us know if they can accommodate our daring (maybe ridiculous lol) requests. I hope we can fly in the helicopter that carries the flag and I want to press the button that releases the fireworks. DREAM ONLY.


Livefyre: New (And GOOD!) Commenting System on Bun Bun Makeup Tips

I am all smiles and feel free like a bird when I write this post.

Like this.

MUAHAHA!! So long, farewell, spammers and trolls!


Spamming Taken To A New Level: Comments On YOUR Blog Appearing On Mine. What The…?

This is what all spammers want right? Your attention, your trust that the link is what they make you think it is, that you’re gonna see some good stuff when you click.

It started a couple of days ago, this insane avalanche of nonsensical comments hiding behind the masks of seemingly sensible sentences ought to be typed by balanced individuals.

I received 5 on the first day, and then 10 on the second. By the third, I was deleting these rubbish comments every 2 hours.

At first, with only receiving email notifications and without actually reading the content of the email, I thought ‘WOW! WTF – Why The Flood??’ I haven’t been doing anything epic to warrant such sudden increase in comments from readers, new or current. Do note that spamming is different from trolling.

The comments seemed very real, you know, like how real comments are. (This doesn’t make sense, does it? LOL!) I mean, let’s say the post is a review on a makeup product – a mascara. Readers would respond with their like or dislike of it, thanking for the recommendation, asking for opinions, where to purchase, or comment probably on why my brows look so unkempt (hoho).