How To Lighten Your Brows With Kate Eyebrow Color Mascara: Useful For Dark Eyebrows

I used to think that being blessed with naturally thick and dark eyebrows meant I never had to worry about filling my brows. I went for the occasional eyebrow shaping, but never busied myself with filling them in.

Thus, up till just a couple of years ago, I’ve always walked around with dark but unfilled eyebrows, no matter the dye color of my hair or whether or not I had bangs. (Do I see you nodding?)

Now, I fill in my brows 98% of the time. 2% for the very rare times where I really don’t have time, and would spend the rest of the day feeling like everyone must be staring at my yellow-brow hair with stark black brow hairs. That’s not true, I know. With only 40% of the female population in Singapore bothering to wear any trace of makeup at all, I should look and feel right at home.

But I’m a beauty blogger now and people do come up to me and say hello so I must always look put together. *flicks hair

HAHAHA! Just kidding! Even if nobody knew me, I’d still always want to put my best face forward. I don’t mind going out without makeup – restricted to the neighborhood and I don’t give a **** when I’m sick – but when I do, I definitely will not ignore my brows now. It’s just bring responsible to my whole self-presentation.

And even though I have bangs that cover my brows, there’s always the chance that wind will blow them out of place!

Okie, let’s get going with how to lighten your brows with the Kate Brow Color. I like to call it brow mascara, it just has more meaning to it.

If you have dyed your hair much lighter than the typical chestnut-browns or reddish-browns on the heads of most Asian girls, you would probably find that a normal eyebrow pencil does nothing to lighten your brows, not even the lightest of shades.

With my hair dyed yellow-brown with very light-colored highlights thus making me look yellow over all, no brow pencil could ever cover the black of my brow hairs.

See how incoherent the color of my hair and brows look!


Makeup Tutorial For Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Wannabes

My childhood ambition was to become an air stewardess.

Since I was a little girl, right up to just several years ago, I’ve always wanted to be an air stewardess. Not because I hankered after the prestige of being a Singapore Girl (what we call our Singapore Airlines female flight attendants), neither was it because I craved fitting my body into a tight-fitting kebaya, nor did I care about flying the international skies.

Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t have any real motivation behind my ambition, except for the fact that I saw my favorite kindergarten teacher, Teacher Lily, leave her teaching job to become an SQ flight attendant when I was in primary school. She loved me very much and was the ideal super beautiful face with a slender body kind of woman. I was in kindergarten but I knew beauty when I saw it.

The dream became more and more unrealizable as I finally had to resign to fate that I would never grow beyond 155cm. Lol.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Review: Because We All Need Good Quality And Affordable Eyeshadows

I believe, no matter how many eyeshadows a beauty blogger has in her possession, there will never a day where she goes “Okie, I’ve had enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime and no more shall I ever buy”.

That part about having enough eyeshadows to last a lifetime is definitely true, and I think many of you share that sentiment, but to stop just because there’s enough? That’s what vanity consumerism is all about, isn’t it?

Sure, there will be times when the month’s bills hits the ceiling and you will find your makeup buying obsession absolutely reproachful, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do – BE HAPPY!

And nothing makes me happier than buying new makeup! (Of course there are, but you know what I mean!) The promise of endless possibilities with new shades, textures, finishes, combinations… and that’s only eyeshadows!

When Makeup Geek (MUG) launched her own brand of cosmetics, I was elated! She’s such an inspiration – famous beauty blogger and now successful business woman! I mentioned her in my Makeup Geek Haul (I got brushes too!) so you can go over and check it out.

MAC Singapore sells their eyeshadow at SGD26.00 a pot and it’s A LOT to pay for one shade, and I have barely made a dent in any of my MAC eyeshadows. They should make smaller-sized versions and I’d be happy to pay for a slightly-more-expensive-than-half-price price.

But for the same size and equally good quality, MUG prices its eyeshadows at a fraction of MAC’s! MAC – USD14.00; MUG – USD 6.00.

Let’s take a look at my first seven (and definitely not last!) Makeup Geek eyeshadows.

MUG Eyeshadow – Unicorn



Makeup Tutorial: MAC Goldmine, MUG Peacock, Shimma Shimma, Urban Decay Smog

The best way to test your makeup skills and speed is to go on holiday. Haha! I am a girly-girl and like to travel in style. Holiday types that require one to rough it out, wear safari-colored clothes, and live in travelers dormitories will never see me a part of them.

I need to have my security blankets –  a clean and safe hotel room, clothes I don’t get to wear in Singapore because of the weather and street style, and my makeup. I have to work faster on the makeup when on holiday though!

If I could, I would show you all 5 days of my makeup looks in Okinawa, but as I had idiotically deleted 80% of my Okinawa photos, I can only show you 1. But better than none!


Eyeshadow Primer – UDPP Eden

Eyelid – MAC Goldmine

Contour Area – MUG Peacock

Outer V – More MUG Peacock!