What Healed My Dry & Chapped Lips: Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner SPF 15

In the past when it came to dry or chapped lips, I would turn to Vaseline petroleum jelly or lips balms like those from LipIce, The Body Shop and even Kiehl’s.

Vaseline was my savior for protecting my lips from the extreme cold when I was in Korea during Winter one year. When you’re cold and shivering with chapped lips, to heck with oily looking lips and dirty fingers! But in hot and humid climates like Singapore, Vaseline always left me with oily-looking lips and if left overnight, would coagulate into white blobs of slimy stuff on the lips. Not sexy. At all. I don’t like carrying that bulky container around, nor do I like applying lip stuff with my finger.

Not even Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 SPF 4 managed to relieve my cracked lips. And I didn’t like that I had to apply it with my finger too. It smelt nice though.

I prefer those that come in stick form, and can repair, calm and protect my lips from environmental aggressions.


Best Foundation For Oily Skin in Humid Weather: MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Anything that has ‘MAT’ in it makes me sit upright, my eyes open doubly large, and forget to blink as I read review after review of how that product mattifies the skin, controls oil, and reduces shine. I’m a mattifying junkie, whatever that means. Haha!

I was actually doing reasearch on the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation but wasn’t convinced it was good for me since many claim it gives a dewy finish. I try to avoid foundations that promise a dewy finish because for oily skins, a dewy finish more often than not melts into a greasy finish. It was with great excitement that I discovered the MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation!

If you have oily skin like me, live in a hot and humid climate like Singapore, or just want a solution to keep your face less shiny, then buckle up and explore what I think is the best mattifying foundation yet! YAY!

From Sephora:

A shine controlling, oil-free, water-resistant, complete coverage liquid foundation.

Hides imperfections, evens out skin tone, and mattifies with a non-oily, perfectly powdered finish. The result is flawless and lasts for hours.

Although this foundation provides full coverage, the end result is completely adjustable to fit your needs – a little goes a long way.



Packed in a lightweight, frosted, rubber-textured bottle, the Mat Velvet + Foundation travels well without you having to worry about it spilling or breaking. Think easily breakable glass bottles like Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation. The MUFE foundation bottle is so light I thought it had less content than the other brands! But nope, they all contain 30ml.


Makeup Haul – MAC Eyeshadows, MAC Pigments, MAC Brushes, MAC Glitter Liner and OCC Lip Tars

Yay! Don’t we all love hauling? Worry about the money later, we’ll just live on instant noodles at the end of the month. >.<

MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

I’ve finally got my hands on the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush! I tried searching for a dupe, but it seems the consensus that this brush is almost un-dupable.

I’ve been using my MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush for contouring but find it too big and fluffy and kinda hard to control for contouring.

I don’t have obvious cheekbones, not even when I do the fishy face that would force the bones to show on many people. It’s so irritating when people say “just do the fish face and apply the contouring powder right along there”. I’m like “right along WHERE?!?” @_@


My Best Friend, The Best Makeup Brush Cleanser: Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge Review

(Sorry I just had to use Japanese-looking fonts to bring out the Japanese-ness of this product – meaning EXCELLENCE. =D)

This must be one of the things I’m most grateful for discovering in my life!

The Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge has drastically reduced my makeup brushes washing time from 60 mins to just 20 mins. My Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush took up about 2/3 out of that hour because it is an incredibly difficult to wash brush with its incredible dense synthetic bristles.

The MAC Brush Cleanser did nothing to return my Sigma F80’s bristle tips to their original white color.

I will write a post soon, solely on how the Daiso Detergent pulled me out of my dirty-F80-brush depression (LOL!) within 5 seconds of using it.


Honestly I wouldn’t have given this bottle a second look if not for the increasing number of positive reviews about this amazing brush cleanser. It looks so… random. HAHA.

Nobody can be blamed for assuming that this bottle with the word ‘Detergent’ is for clothing stain removal rather than for ‘puff and sponge’ (printed so small!), and certainly not for makeup brushes for that matter.

I can’t read the Japanese words on the bottle, but when translated, claim (sourced from many websites):

– Disinfecting and Fragrance-free and contains no pigment.
– Removes remaining foundation quickly.
– Keeps your makeup tools clean.
– Safe cleaner mostly composed of detergent kind to the skin and sponges.


Can the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 Keep Oily Skin Shine-Free?

Many women think they are cursed with an oily T-zone, where oil glands work overtime at the forehead, nose and chin areas. Well, if they saw how soaked my blotting sheet is after a blotting session, they’d feel blessed that oiliness is concentrated only at their T-zone instead of the WHOLE FACE like mine.

I try as many methods and products possible (within reasonable budget and common sense, of course) to keep my face as shine-free as possible, at least for a good half of the day.

Mineral makeup worked up the oils on my skin within 2 hours and accentuated my pores, makeup face primers like the Stila Hydrating Primer turned me into an oil slick, liquid foundations that claim to give the ‘glowy finish’ usually give me the ‘greasy finish’ and sometimes even setting it with loose powder barely works.

Sigh, these are just fragments of an oily girl’s woes.

When I chanced upon a review on Youtube about the Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 being a great product that helps to keep shine away, I was immediately interested! Anything that controls oil!


The Body Shop Sale 17-20 Aug 2011 – 70% OFF!

That, is the result of this:

I thought I’d just go and take a look, maybe get another tube of the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (which I love!) and a second bottle of the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner.

But who can walk away from a 70% off sale with just only that? XD