Where To Get Beauty Tools Mentioned In Guest Post

Hello everyone!

Quite a number of people have asked in the comments and emailed me where to get the items I raved about in my Guest Post in Karen’s So I thought I’d just do a quick post here to share where to get these wonderful beauty tools.

Epistick Facial Hair Remover

In Singapore: Small little shops in Bugis Street

Get from Amazon

This is exactly the same one that I have.


Tutorial: Where to Apply Contour Eyeshadow Color on an Asian Eye

When I first started watching videos and reading blogs on how to apply makeup, especially eyeshadow, I always heard/read that we should place the darkest colors on the crease. I obediently followed.

And looked awful. Haha!

As the crease and contour area differ between Asians and Caucasians due to bone structure dissimilarities, eye makeup techniques for Asians and Caucasians must also differ.

While the crease and contour area of a Caucasian eye coincide, the Asian eye’s contour area is not as obvious. A less pronounced orbital rim and additional layer of fat under the skin prevents the formation of a lid crease in 50% of Asians. For those with a lid crease, a term we call ‘double eyelids’, the contour area is also not as apparent as in a Caucasian eye.

It is, therefore, important to know where your contour area, and not the crease per se, is to create the perception of more deep-set eyes with a darker eyeshadow color.

I have double eyelids (what Western makeup artists call ‘crease’),

but if I were to place the darkest color on my ‘crease’, and open my eyes, I would look like I didn’t apply anything there at all.


Eye Makeup Tips For 14 Different Types of Asian Eyes

As you must have read in my last post about crease and contour eyeshadow differences between Asians and Caucasians, typical eye type charts and tutorials that conveniently lump all types of Asian eyes into one simply do not work. There are specific makeup techniques for Asians.

I will share in this post how to apply makeup on the different types of Asian eyes. Of course the Asian eye is not limited to just these 14 types, but these are the most commonly seen ones.

As per my disclaimer in my previous post, by ‘Asian’ I refer more specifically to East and Southeast Asians as Western Asians (Middle East) and Southern Asians (Pakistan, India, etc) have anatomical traits more similar to those of Westerners.


Crease and Contour Eyeshadow: Asian Eyes VS Caucasian Eyes

While Caucasians search ‘How to stop eyeshadow from creasing’, Asians typically search ‘How to fake a crease with eyeshadow’.

Before I got more serious into makeup, I only knew I had double eyelids. Crease…what? The only crease I knew was the kind of crease found on a crumpled piece of paper.

But before I start explaining, here’s a little disclaimer. The words ‘Westerner’ and ‘Caucasian’ will be used interchangeably in this post with no intention whatsoever to offend anyone. With ‘Asian’ I refer more specifically to East and Southeast Asians. Western Asians (Middle East) and Southern Asians (Pakistan, India, etc) have anatomical traits more similar to those of Westerners.

OKIE! Let’s start!

 When I got more interested in makeup, I started to read beauty blogs and watch videos that went on and on about ‘applying a darker eyeshadow color to your crease to bring more dimension to the eyes.’ I looked at myself in the mirror and searched for the mysterious crease these makeup bloggers were talking about. Is the word ‘crease’ just another moniker for what we Asians refer to as ‘double eyelids’?

It didn’t occur to me, until much later on, that the blogs I was reading and videos I was watching had Western authors that taught the Western way of makeup application. No matter how hard I tried in emulating the way they placed their eyeshadows, I could never achieve the looks they easily demonstrated.

It didn’t occur to me that our bone structures are completely different and even though I have double eyelids, where my crease and contour area lie is very different from a Caucasian’s. Even though it is a matter of mere millimeters more at which the skin folds above the eyelashes, there is a much greater science that explains our differences in genetics.

The Stereotypical Asian Eye

Eye Type Chart #1

I found this picture online showing the types of eyes. Can you guess which is labeled ‘Asian eyes’?


Guess Guess!





Apparently, Stage Cosmetics Is Still Moving Out!

So, because I really liked all of my haul items from my first haul at Stage Cosmetics

Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation which gives the skin a glowy finish;

Stage eyeshadows that can match the pigmentation and consistency of MAC eyeshadows;

Stage Brow Defining Pencils which I’ve been religiously using EVERY DAY since;

and my favorite – Stage Shadow Smudger, this eyeshadow brush is the PERFECT size for precise application of color on the contour area.

… I really couldn’t just stay away knowing that those crazy sale prices would be no more after Stage (eventually) moves out!

I went back one week later, brought along a friend this time, and got all these makeup goodies!

Stage Nail Color – Luscious (S$5)

Stage Lip Liner – Nearly Naked (S$5)

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick: Blushing Beau and Buff Belle (2 for S$9)

Stage Strip Show Polish Remover (2 for S$5)

Stage Lash Groomer Nylon (S$6)


Have you tried any product from Stage before? If you haven’t, you should! It’s really moving out!


Stage Cosmetics Moving Out Sale!

I’ve been to Bugis BHG umpteen times. I walk past DIVA, FOX, and then into the cosmetics arena… but never found myself stepping into Stage Cosmetics. Maybe it’s because of its expensive looking deco and displays. Maybe because it’s all black, that I assume their products are almost as pricey MAC’s. No wait, they really ARE expensive!

Imagine my surprise when I was casually shopping around and saw a big red signboard with the heavenly words: