Are Face Primers With Silicone Safe?

OKIE! This is gonna be science-y science-y post. But I’ll try to be make it more sexy than science-y!

Benefits and effects of silicone in skin products is one of the most passionately debated issues in the makeup world. Nobody has the right answer nor evidence to prove that it is or not beneficial, or hazardous to our health or skin.

I’ve been using the Monistat Chafing Relief Gel as a face primer for 6 months and it doesn’t clog my pores, doesn’t cause breakouts, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and as a makeup face primer, works like magic for prepping and priming my face.

Here are 5 good reasons why using silicone on your face is more YAY! than NAY.

1. Silicone is used in most products these days

Silicone is everywhere. Just so you know, most off-the-shelf hair conditions and serums; and face moisturizers and foundations contain a fair bit of silicone, especially in those that are waterproof or ‘long-wearing’. The fluid properties of silicone make them feel like silk on the skin and act as a water-binding agent that holds up makeup well as silicone repels water and sweat.

Just turn your shampoo or conditioner around spot for ‘Dimethicone’. Dimethicone forms a barrier that locks in the hair’s natural moisture and waterproofs it to block dryness from humidity, reduce tangling and hair loss. Now you know why your hair shines!

Makeup products like the much loved Urban Decay Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance – Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer are silicone-based eye primers. That’s how your eye makeup stays on the lids forever and why we all love them!

And they are, erm, also used as lubricant on condoms. (more…)

Japanese KOSE Sekkisei Eye Cream Review

I was apprehensive at first on whether to take the plunge of trying a new eye cream because ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t change it’. After my second round of Clinique All About Eyes eye cream panned out (perfect timing!), I decided that although it did the basic duties of eye creams (like moisturizing), it had its flaws too (like TOO MOISTURIZING).

Time for a new contender!


Welcome the KOSE Sekkisei Eye Cream!


The texture of the cream makes it one of the top reasons I like this KOSE Sekkisei Eye Cream. It absorbs quickly into the skin and turns matte seconds after application without any heaviness around the eye area. It is definitely thicker in consistency than most eye gels and eye lotions since it is a cream. Creams usually feel oilier but this eye cream doesn’t feel a wee bit greasy. I need to just dip my right ring finger lightly into the little blue jar and that little bit that gets onto my finger is more than enough for both eyes. A little really does go a long way for this eye cream!


In a simple yet elegant-looking little blue container with a white cap and silver top is 20ml/0.7oz  of creamy white goodness that promises to hydrate, revitalize, pamper and provide anti-ageing moisturizing capabilities.

It comes with a spatula, which KOSE is obviously trying to encourage a more hygienic way of swiping the product than using our fingers. A spatula helps in minimizing bacteria input from the hands with the rest of the product, but really, to scoop the product out and then transfer it to the fingers and then wash it and then find a hygienic place to dry it afterwards is one extra step too many!

I just use my right ring finger and transfer some to my left ring finger before dotting and patting the product under and around my eyes.

Absorption Power

Just for comparison, Clinique All About Eyes eye cream took forever to dry on the undereye area and I could feel a layer of substance over the skin even long after. I could never put on my contact lenses 5 minutes after applying the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream because the skin around the eye area would still be very slippery.

The KOSE SEKKISEI Eye Cream absorbs quickly into the skin, fades into a matte texture, yet keeps the eye area moisturized. What’s not to love? Oh! And do you know having eye cream underneath face primer, foundation and concealer also helps in making makeup stay on longer? It’s just like how our face must be moisturized first before any makeup goes on!

Gentle to the skin

In KOSE SEKKISEI Eye Cream are Herbal Extracts: Coix Seed Extract, Licorice Extract,Citrus Junos Extract, White Tea Extract, Ginseng Extract. KOSE products always give me the feeling that they’re very ‘herbal-oriented’. They even have a medicated line.

I haven’t had any allergic reaction to the KOSE Sekkisei Eye Cream, which is important to the delicate eye area. After we hit 25, the speed of deterioration of elasticity and firmness around the eye area (or any part of the body!) is like a unstoppable bullet train. If we can’t stop it, at least give it more TLC and try to slow down the ageing process.


They say ‘Feel inspired by the refreshing scent that brings revitalizing and pampering fulfillment to your over-worked eyes’. I wouldn’t say I feel like *ooh wow!* refreshed every time I open it, but KOSE products consistently smell like that and I can recognize the scent every time there’s a KOSE counter in a departmental store. The KOSE SEKKISEI Eye Cream scent doesn’t bother me much, I don’t like it nor dislike it. It’s just a scent to me. It actually smells very… neutral, if there’s such a thing called neutral smell~

One thing I don’t understand is that it says ”Apply nightly after your usual skincare routine.” But why only nightly? I like to apply it in the day too! After my routine cleansing, I apply this eye cream to moisturize the skin under the eyes. This helps smooth the under eye area for easier makeup application and prevents dry patches. Remember to let it dry before applying primer or concealer on top.

I have been using the KOSE SEKKISEI Eye Cream for about 5 weeks now. I love how silky, gentle and light it feels on my eye area. Hydration, moisturizing and absorption power are excellent however I don’t see any significant reduction in puffiness or dark eye circles. I have serious eye baggage since young so I don’t think anything except surgery can reduce it. As for dark eye circles, I think I should just sleep earlier, sleep more.

Buy KOSE Sekkisei Eye Cream

Bun Bun thinks of the KOSE sekkisei eye cream as:

So tell us, what is the BEST eye cream you’ve tried? Or worst?


5 Good Reasons Why The Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel Is The Best Face Primer For Oily Skin

After reading countless blogs and watching YouTube videos that compare the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, I finally went ahead to get the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as a face primer. I’ve tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer at our local Sephora before and I didn’t really like that it ended up slightly flakey on my skin. I thought I might as well give the Monistat one a try since it’s much cheaper. I’m really glad I did!

I didn’t even bother looking around for it in Singapore because well, at this point in time of blogging, not a lot of US makeup brands are readily available to us. If not for Sephora planting its biggest Southeast Asia’s store in Singapore, I’d never even have the chance to try out US products.

Important note: This is NOT the Monistat yeast infection product. The Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel was developed to complement the brand’s medical products. Please make sure you get the right Monistat product, don’t go applying yeast infection gel on your face, yo! O.o

Here are 5 reasons you need the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as a face primer:


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